#LKCE14 – Hamburg



Less than 24 hours back from two great conferences in Istanbul and Paris before heading to Hamburg to complete the tour.

Lean Kanban Central Europe brings together more than 30 international speakers who will share their experience reports, case studies, and advanced ideas on managing knowledge work. LKCE14 will take place in Hamburg on November 11th and 12th.
If you want to shape tomorrow’s way of working, join us and get the inspiration of what is possible.

I’m going to talking on Tuesday afternoon about Quantifying Cost of Delay.


Don Reinertsen says that if you only quantify one thing, quantify the Cost of Delay. Not only does this significantly improve prioritisation – it also helps with managing multiple stakeholders, enables the team to make vastly improved trade-off decisions, and changes the focus of the conversation.

When people hear about Cost of Delay they sometimes doubt whether their organisation is ready for it. They say things like, “We don’t have the maturity for it”, or “We couldn’t do that because our stakeholders wouldn’t support it”. We’ve heard people say this too. And yet, in hindsight, people find it much easier than they thought! We will show why Cost of Delay matters and give you some pointers to get started with it.

You will hear how quantifying Cost of Delay helps with:

  • Managing multiple stakeholders.
  • Surfacing assumptions about where the value is, and how time-sensitive that value is.
  • Enabling the team to make better trade-off decisions
  • Changing the focus of conversations: less about cost and dates, more about value and urgency.