We can’t afford mismanagement

Horace Deidu recently started working at The Clayton Christensen Institute, to help further develop the theory of disruptive innovation. Here, he nails his thesis on the door of Wall Street:

Because firms are increasingly determining the prosperity and sustainability of nations and the world. We can’t afford mismanagement.

The counter-point to this quest is that large systems are intractable and business is inherently chaotic, unpredictable. It may be, but much of what we know as science today was once thought of as impossibly mysterious and unknowable. I have faith that as the physical universe, the affairs of men have laws which govern them.

I strongly believe we can develop a better understanding about how organisations can successfully develop products and services that deliver value to customers. In my experience, the accepted truths of management that dominate today are ripe for disruption – by a new set of theories, new models and new thinking rooted in practical experience.

There will of course be doubters, but what of that? George Bernard Shaw perhaps said it best:


Those who say it cannot be done