Leading Product Development Training

Product Owner Training. Leading Product Development, Software Development,

This course is for Product Owners, Product Managers and Project Managers who lead product development efforts, or work closely with software development teams. It is designed to help you understand the complexity of developing new and improved products and services and a number of ways to tilt the playing field to discover, nurture and speed up the delivery of value.

Things you’ll learn about

  • Problem and customer discovery and research techniques
  • Exploring the Jobs-to-be-done that your products and services are used for
  • Building an economic framework to help quickly estimate value
  • How to design effective experiments to validate or invalidate assumptions about value
  • Quantifying an estimate of Cost of Delay – combining value and urgency
  • How Cost of Delay changes the focus of the conversation
  • Cost of Delay as an alternative to asking for dates
  • Cost of Delay and the impact on focus, sense of urgency and trade-off decisions
  • The value of information and speed of learning
  • Techniques from “Lean Startup” to quickly learn and reduce market risk and discover Product-Market-Fit
  • Techniques from Lean Product Development to quickly learn and reduce technical risk
  • Focusing the fuzzy front end and managing multiple stakeholders
  • Portfolio Management and improving the ROI given a constrained capacity


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